Night Owl

So I missed the opportunity to photograph the eclipse yesterday morning. I am certain amazing photos were seen around the world but I’m just not a morning person. Sure, that’s the best time of the day for awesome light BUT fortunately for me, the clouds last night were so amazing around the full moon, that I was more interested in what wasn’t the topic of most photos yesterday. Of course, the entire thing was a distraction from writing a cover letter for my resume. Better get to it … Note to self; Flash & Tripod


Work In Progress

Life is a “God” link – Saturday – wanted to watch the movie, “Braveheart” … So I did! Might’ve been more crying than watching but certainly worth the tears. Tuesday following, I declared my interest in doing Voice-overs. Today in Pilates class, we talked about movies (in between torture {welllll … not really – we just call it that} on the “tower” & “reformer“) and after I mentioned watching “Braveheart” my instructor informed me that another student worked on that movie. Long story short – I might inquire with the other student about advice on how to get started in voice-over work. God is my life link – HE draws straight paths and helps me make the connection. I am a work in progress. Living would be impossible without Him. Pun unintentional. 😉


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